Project Location: Dallas, TX

Project Size: 62,000 square feet


Hope Lodge, owned and operated by the American Cancer Society, is a “home-away-from-home” for cancer patients receiving treatment in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and their caregivers.   It is intended to be a welcoming, communal environment and a place for healing. Located in Deep Ellum, nearby the Baylor Cancer Center, Hope Lodge is a four-level, 45,000 square foot building, consisting of 50 guest suites.  It is adjacent to a two-level, 15,000 square foot building housing the local American Cancer Society offices.  The project scheme offers ideal programmatic adjacency between the offices and the Lodge, allowing staff access to the Lodge while remaining autonomous. A beautiful healing garden separates the two components while allowing spaces to open out into the garden, reinforcing the healing properties of nature and natural light. Layers of privacy characterize the space.  A communal kitchen, dining room, television room, library, and activity rooms on the ground level encourage interaction between guests, while spacious guest suites with adjoining living rooms and small balconies allow guests to retreat away after exhausting days of treatment. The use of natural and healthy materials contribute to a warm, inviting, and non-toxic environment. Other sustainable features include reduced hardscape, limited water use, natural daylight, individual user controllability of lighting and thermal comfort, and advanced air purification.